Thursday, 15 April 2010

The truth begins to surface

In a detention review hearing at the federal court in Seattle, today April 15th at around 4pm the honorable judge Donohue in the case of the United States Vs Phillips decided to release Mark Phillips to the custody of one of high-school fiends.

The charges against Mark have not been dropped and he will continue to defend himself. The judge came to this decision after weighing several arguments from the prosecutors and the defense.

The prosecutors had made an attempt to depict Mark as a dangerous individual, citing alleged threats against people such as Antony Bay, Derek Debakker and Jan Wallace. However they were unable to show any evidence at all of such threats, other than declarations of this three individuals. Debakker and Bay are know to be involved in civil litigation with Phillips and they clearly have a lot to gain from Phillips being unable to fight the civil battles against them. The only support they were able to produce were emails where Phillips threatens with legal action. Jan Wallace was completely discredited after Eric Lundval, who had initially supported Wallace's claims confessed that him and Wallace had made an attempt to extort Phillips for money. Wallace was the star witness from the prosecutors and is know to be the target of investigation from the S.E.C., the I.R.S. and now is known to have lied to the government in several instances such as claiming to be a resident of Arizona when she is in fact a Canadian citizen. She has also been accused of auto theft and is the defendant in an unrelated case Zenith Global Corporation Vs Wallace and Davi Skin. The prosecutors themselves requested that Wallace's statements in the original complaint be ignored.

The prosecutors had also depicted Phillips as a flight risk and offered evidence that Phillips has significant financial resources in offshore account. Yet the only evidence they were able to provide was a private audit report that cited "possible offshore transfer". Note that the word possible means the auditors didn't actually find any evidence of existence or transfer of offshore funds. The prosecutors also tried to find some meaning in the fact that Phillips had not disclosed bank accounts that had been closed or inactive with minimum or null amounts. The honorable judge Donohue was not impressed by any of this arguments.

Also, there were allegations of substance abuse by Phillips. The prosecutors themselves at some point had to specify that the substance they were referring to is not a controlled substance and Phillips defense offered close supervision in this mater.

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